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Yacht skipper – Navigation practices PY 48h

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The Yacht Skipper navigation practices consist of a 48-hour journey, Barcelona - Balearic Islands - Barcelona, aboard a sailboat of more than 40 feet.

They take place every month of the year, setting sail on Friday nights and returning on Sunday around the same time to Port Olímpic in Barcelona.

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The price of the Yacht Skipper's navigation practices includes student insurance, 21% VAT and the necessary resources for its optimal development.

PY navigation practices: 48-hour journey from Barcelona to the Balearic Islands

48-hour crossing with a minimum of 8 hours of night navigation. They enable you to navigate by motor up to a distance of 150 nautical miles in pleasure boats up to 24 meters in length.

They are carried out, every month of the year, on board one of our sailboats of more than 15 meters in length, departing from the Port Olímpic of Barcelona.

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How PY navigation practices are organized

The Barcelona – Balearic Islands – Barcelona crossing will last 48 hours, with a minimum of 8 hours of night navigation.

The estimated departure from Port Olímpic will be on a Friday around 7:00 p.m. aboard a cruising sailboat of more than 40 feet.

The meeting point is at the Marina Dock of the Port Olímpic of Barcelona.

The destination will be the island of Majorca or Menorca.

In summary, the navigation and rest periods will be a minimum of 18 hours without stopping on the way out, anchoring upon arrival, and if possible, we will go down to the Island to eat, but whoever prefers to eat on board can do so. For the return, another 18 hours of navigation, also non-stop, carrying out the planned agenda of the practices on both voyages.

The sailboats are equipped with all the regulatory security measures, both for personal security elements and for communications. They have a location system that allows us to know where they are at all times.

Depending on the weather forecast, it is advisable to bring a raincoat and warm clothes. In addition to comfortable clothing appropriate for a journey and appropriate footwear.

During the navigation you will be able to rest while others will guard on deck, you will take turns.

As for food, it is recommended that you cook little on the boat, try to bring prepared food or things that are easy to do. The school will put coffee pot, coffee, infusions and sugar on the sailboat.

Agenda of the PY navigation practices

The objective of the navigation practices is to prepare you for long-term navigation. In its development we will work on navigation aspects oriented mainly to the journey, safe night navigation.

  • Use of safety and fire-fighting equipment.
  • Review of issues related to safety equipment, its stowage and maintenance.
  • Maintenance, reviews and precautions for use.
  • Life raft, with a mock abandonment.
  • Use of the life jacket and recognition of its elements.
  • Use of the accident location radio beacon.
  • portable VHF. Operation, battery charge check and spare battery.
  • Automatic Identification System.
  • Preparation for defeat.
  • Checking the charts of the area to be navigated.
  • Update of the notices to the navigators. Defeat plot.
  • Documentation to carry on board.
  • Weather forecasts and contrast with the local situation.
  • Checks before going out to sea.
  • Review of the critical points of the boat.
  • Review of fuel level and autonomy.
  • Engine start, and exhaust and temperature control. Battery charge check.
  • Release of ropes and exit maneuver.
  • Effective navigation guard.
  • Effective surveillance. Visibility. Navigation lights. Precautions during night watch.
  • Heading control. Government and march depending on the state of the sea and wind.
  • Reconnaissance of the coast. Use of the course.
  • Control of the state of the sea. positions on the chart.
  • Physical condition of the crew.
  • Navigation.
  • situation in the letter. Situation by delays and distances.
  • Use of GNSS equipment.
  • Calculation of the current.
  • Esteem navigation. Determination of the estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • Radar use.
  • Navigation without visibility.
  • Landfall.


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94 reviews for Patrón de yate – Prácticas de navegación PY 48h

  1. Francisco Javier Ruiz Mirete

    Excellent experience with Escola Port. You can feel the passion of the instructors both at school and on the boat in helping students achieve their goals.

  2. Rodrigo Peluffo

    Everything was very well organized and we had a great time. The instructor Gonzalo is a genius and that makes learning a lot easier. I had done my PER at another school and now I see that I should have changed to this school from the beginning.

  3. Mark

    10/10, Gonzalo is a great instructor with whom we have been able to have a very good introduction to high altitude navigation.

  4. Anna

    Everything was very well organized. The development of the practice went magnificently well. We have learned many things from the instructor (Alvaro). Thanks for everything!!!

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Facundo Villalba
Facundo Villalba
2 Abril 2024
Hice mis practicas para obtener la licencia de navegación y la verdad super recomendable todo
Hugo Kruger
Hugo Kruger
26 Marzo 2024
El viaje de instrucción a Baleares es muy recomendable. Martin Cabrera es un profesor apasionado por enseñar y abierto a todas las preguntas, por muchas que fueran. Otra buena experiencia con Escola Port. Hacen bien las cosas.
Arnau Fernández
Arnau Fernández
26 Marzo 2024
Empecé los cursos sin tener ningún conocimiento ni de navegación ni de nuestro entorno marino, me gustaría agaradecer a todos los profesionales de Escola Port por este tiempo haciendo los cursos, he aprendido y disfrutado muchísimo, esta escuela es 100% recomendable. Un especial agradecimiento a Gonzalo por hacer sus clases con esa alegría y profesionalidad que tanto le caracterizan.
25 Marzo 2024
Muy bien organizada
25 Marzo 2024
Este fin de semana hemos hecho las prácticas de vela y la verdad es que ha sido una experiencia totalmente recomendable. Desde las embarcaciones hasta los instructores. Todo súper bien organizado. Gracias a Charly con la introducción que hicimos con el j80 , y por supuesto a Emi con el Deneb, que no paró de explicar y de hacernos practicar hasta que saliera todo perfecto. Gran implicación. Nos apuntaremos al club de navegación de Escola Port para ir practicando y perfeccionando los conocimientos. Un saludo.
jesus perez ramos
jesus perez ramos
25 Marzo 2024
Gracias a Escola Port y a nuestro instructor Jose Navarro, gracias a Jose por su paciencia y por hacernos disfrutar mas de lo que hubiesemos imaginado, aprendimos jerga marina y a defendernos en agua.
Sergi Casquete
Sergi Casquete
25 Marzo 2024
Pràctiques perfectes!!! Un crack en Jose!!
Roger Muriel Bori
Roger Muriel Bori
18 Marzo 2024
Hice las prácticas de navegación con Lis, muy buena profesora y atenta para que todo el mundo entendiera y ejecutara las maniobras y explicaciones. Hizo las prácticas dinámicas y divertidas. 100% recomendable.

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